Put the Special in Special Events!

One-time and annual events sponsored by organizations are often for fundraising and public relations. The tone and quality of the event needs to support those outcomes as positive measurables.

The coordination of unique events involves many players who have not worked together before. In working for non-profits and start-ups I facilitate the communication between participating stakeholders to reach the objective.

And we all have fun along the way!

Below are examples of two major, one time only, events I've managed:

The Wreckers Ball: Boston Ballet held a wildly creative and fun PR/fundraising event located in their soon-to-be-razed building.  This involved coordinating everything from procuring and installing a small 'Caterpillar' in the lobby, to lighting each room on the four floors with a unique look. These ideas were generated by an energetic board committee.

One Hot Date: multi-venue and event fundraiser for a small, ambitious art school in the Berkshires. As a freelancer I was a production/PR liaison from press releases to tech on the night of the event. The 'story' of the event itself, 'Dinner and a Movie', helped draw a record crowd for for record revenues.

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