Let's put on a show! A great one.

Truth be told, in addition to the old hairbrush-as-microphone scene as a kid - I turned the top of my dollhouse into a desk. This twofold approach would become a dual major in music and arts administration.

As an arts administrator and production manager I've had the opportunity to work in documentary film, dance, theater, and in every musical genre.

I've worked as full time and adjunct staff and as a freelancer and consultant. My work behind the scenes is driven to insure the success, safety, access and enjoyment of the event. I bring this in equal measure to small and large scale performances.

My agility and experience have me at the ready as a 'Go To' hire. I anticipate the needs of all the 'players'-presenters, performers and audience. This includes interfacing with tech staff, artist and site management, an upset ticket holder - areas where gentle politics are vital. Events Resume.

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