Why design anything? It helps.

Good media design interprets and streamlines your  business identity. Reviewing my design work will confirm a diversity from the pluck of the style here to more standard and formal presentations.

As a media professional I bring professional credits and formal training in writing, visual and media arts. I apply these elements to your work selectively for impact. My work in these diverse and vibrant fields means efficiency and familiarity with content-what you do and how you do it.

I position you for your existing target market and to attract new clients. I get you there with a thorough knowledge of professional cultures, audiences and customers.

On this site you will find diversity in the presentation of information: this gives you some ideas for things that fit with your style and content, and also tidbits of what we can do for you.
Examples of animation and other rich media:  Web Design Resume.

You have been designing yourself to get to where you are and what you do.
We will let even more people know about you.

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