'Why does "TECH" scare me?' If it does, that's ok.

My interest is as a Good Will Ambassador of sorts. I'm not the one to call to wander into your office with a pocket protector clasped to my shirt, but I can help you figure out on the fly if you need to call in 'pocket protector person' and spend that kind of money.

Many small or women owned businesses are not certain what technology to invest in. My mission is to be a low cost resource to get you to the best solutions and investments.

I will help you sort through vocabulary ranging from 'hosting', 'domain purchase or transfer', to free web networking solutions. I will review bids by others to make sure you are informed and confident about spending your money.

This gumption is based on working around the web and digital media for over a decade. I'm a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design in Web Design and Development. The design studies were in vigorous tandem with tech and software know how behind the scenes.

You get the picture-for an extremely competitive price, I'll help you get what you want with with no strings attached - just your success in mind.