Why consult with anyone? It helps.

My paradigm for consulting is that we are peers. What I can do with you is participate in information sharing-apply my experience for your solution.

Client's have often found design work an opportunity to refine their mission and 'audience'-the energy and creativity for expansion 'off screen'.

Marketing and public relations are areas where we work with measurebles-no stacks of ideas and papers will gather dust. We care for your business and organizational development strategically.

Work cultures and vocabularies I've thrived in have included business writing for Fortune 100 clients, events management, press relations, training and curriculum development, publicity, arts production with non-profits and for profit entities....and for artists.

Now, I'm guessing as you read such a list, you are reminded of a success or challenge throughout your own rich life. That's the point - we both know stuff.
Let's apply the skills to get you to, 'next'. Now. Right now.