Cyrene Media's clients include non-profits, individuals in the health field, creative artists, media professionals and small businesses. Some client comments...

"Rachel  has one of the most original visual imaginations out there. Her design ideas are like no one else's. Before we even started building the web site, she sent me a mockup for the Home Page that was both incredibly dynamic and really true to the essence I wanted to convey. She's generous with her ideas, and sensitive to the particular vision of her clients." Rios Films

"For  those who don't want generic, who want their own unique waveform to be preserved and represented in web world, I highly recommend Cyrene Media. I presented her with an almost impossible task of 'interpreting me' and she did so and with eloquence. Not only did she persist until I was happy, she was also affordable!"  artist, Thomas Lane

"It  was my distinct pleasure to work closely with you on the multi tiered, three day events for Joan Tower's Boston birthday celebration. It was certainly a challenge to coordinate the publicity,as well as all the many different events and venues, but your cool head, clear organization and effective communication helped make everything run smoothly. I wish all my collaborators did their jobs with as much professionalism as you did."   Amy Blum, Publicist

"I  express my sincere appreciation to you and members of your staff for the superb support you provided to Leontyne. It was outstanding in every respect. Your staff is a hard working, coordinated team that can manage a multitude of diverse details with great ability and skill. Leontyne joins me in this expression of thanks and gratitude. Bravo."
George B. Price

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