"What is a 'Cyrene?", you may ask. Pronounced 'sighreene'. It is my middle name, and in honor of Great Aunt. Another key link with her is media. She was a print journalist well into her 70's.

"What's a 'media'?", you may ask. A medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression.

I'm a 'mediatician'. As a creative and administrative professional, I have 'mediatized' in every medium - creating and communicating.

It is all about placing elements in the right place at the right time to do the right thing.

Cyrene Media's mission is to create the means and outcomes that succeed in communicating a client's distinct identity. I collaboratively develop unique content that generates and sustains success for your business. You will not find a more attentive or hardworking 'mediatizer' anywhere.

Fees are flexibly structured, generally in a combination of project and hourly rates. The first objective is your success. This often means the arch to your clients or audience .

Attached are two resumes. One summarize my web design work, and the other details my 'offline' Production Management experience.

Web Designer Resume     Production Management Resume